Monday, February 22, 2010 IHE Integration Statements

Developers of commercial and open source healthcare IT systems can publish IHE Integration Statements to indicate their systems' conformance with specifications in the IHE Technical Frameworks. The Integration Statement specifies the IHE capabilities of a system in terms of the key concepts of IHE: Actors and Profiles.

New: IHE Product Registry

IHE has developed a new Web-based database of Integration Statements. The IHE Product Registry-- developers to create, manage and publish Integration Statements for their commercial and open source healthcare IT systems. It allows users to browse for these systems based on their conformance with specific IHE Actors and Profiles. The system is open for use by developers and users now!

The links below lead to IHE Integration Statements published by the companies listed. These links will be maintained until January 2010. Developers are strongly encouraged to migrate information for their Integration Statements into the Product Registry.

Contact with questions about IHE Integration Statements or the IHE Product Registry.

(Source : IHE Integration Statements)

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