Friday, February 6, 2015

DEMONISING by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

1. I am surprised at the report in The Star that some bloggers are attacking the critics of 1MDB. I am surprised not at the bloggers doing this. I have known about their activities for some time now.
2. These bloggers were once the critics of the Government. But for some greatly unknown reason they have changed. I had noticed this change.
3. But I accept their right to criticise me. I am therefore not surprised at their change of direction.
4. What surprises me is the report on this by The Star. Usually the mainstream media, and The Star is also one of them, would not report anything that may reflect badly on the “authorities”. But it has done the unthinkable now, although obliquely.
5. I am a supporter of UMNO. I am still a member of UMNO. But I believe in criticising any wrong thing done by anyone, UMNO included. However, I have openly stated I do not support Dato Seri Najib.
6. And one of the many reasons why I don’t support is the creation of 1MDB. Borrowed money cannot be regarded as wealth. And there are many things done with 1MDB money that are just plain wrong. Government should not be indulging in buying and selling shares to make money for itself.
7. I disagree with the 1MDB and I will continue to criticise it and anything that I think is detrimental to the good governance of this country.
8. The demonising by the bloggers is political. The intention is to undermine my credibility. But I will continue to ask where is the money which has been brought back from Cayman (Island)? Why is there a need to borrow money to pay debts when you have RM8 billion? Until these and other questions are answered the questions will keep coming.
9. I suspect that because questions cannot be answered, resort is made to demonise the questioner. Doing this simply add to the suspicion that all is not well with 1MDB.
10. This is my opinion. I don’t speak for anybody else.