Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unified Communications (UC) definition

In essence, Unified Communications (UC) is a philosophy about bringing together disparate communications methods, business applications and information sources, to facilitate the efficient and timely collaboration between people and to improve the accessibility to vital information - regardless of device and location.

The principle of increasing efficiency through the smarter use of technology is nothing new, but where Unified Communications (UC) differs from many of the previous ‘technology drives’, is that it has the potential to go far deeper into the organisation to enhance business processes and workflow, revolutionising the way we work.


To the organisation, Unified Communications (UC) promises:

- improved return on existing investments,

- increases in productivity

- to transform the service offered to and the collaboration between customers and partners.

To the user it offers:

- access to enhanced information,

- control of their personal communication preferences

- efficiency gains in their day-to-day way of working.

Empowered business through empowered people.

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