Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4 Types of Competency - Which category you are?

  1. Unconscious incompetence - when you don’t even realise that an area of expertise exists, or you know it exists but don’t think it is relevant to you
  2. Conscious incompetence - when you become aware that it exists and it would be worth acquiring
  3. Conscious competence - when you have acquired some expertise and you can use it reliably, but it takes conscious effort
  4. Unconscious competence - when it becomes second nature, fully integrated into the way you think and behave.

Dell Buys Cloud Client Computing Company Wyse To Expand Desktop Virtualization Products

Dell has just announced the acquisition of cloud client computing company Wyse Technology to expand its desktop virtualization offerings. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Wyse portfolio includes thin, zero and cloud PC client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization and cloud software supporting desktops, laptops and next generation mobile devices. Wyse independently partners with datacenter, networking and collaboration providers within its global partner ecosystem to help businesses move to a secure cloud in a private, public, government or, even in a personal cloud.

Source: TechCrunch