Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Would Tony and Rafizi had compensated 1MDB for RM1.14 billion if ... ? - Courtesy Lim Sean See

YB Tony Pua and YB Rafizi,

Your Pakatan said that 1MDB should have returned the money from Cayman in April 2013. It was US$2.3 billion (RM7.1 billion) then. Here is the proof: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/227737

On Jan 15 2015, 1MDB says it has redeemed back the cayman funds which is now $2.32 billion (including dividends) but based on the appreciating USD, it is now RM8.24 billion. here's the proof http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/1mdb-says-has-redeemed-in-full-us2-billion-invested-in-cayman-islands

A return of 16% over the 20 months period.

Would Tony and Rafizi had compensated 1MDB for RM1.14 billion if they had listened to you then?
Each of you go on fund-raising campaign from your supporters to get RM570 million each, can or not?

1MDB run by professionals who understand FOREX risk and they know that they have USD bonds lah. They know how to do risk management and get the best risk/returns based on their analysis.
Unlike Tony and Rafizi, professionals read financial newspapers and serious news (and not The Rocket and Harakah) and they read in February and March 2013 that US FED wants to scale back the USA's Quantitative Easing - which means an imminent strengthening of the USD.. Here's the proof: 

They don't play TIKAM like both of you.

Please pay up. TQ.

MP for Raub YB Mohd. Ariff Sabri Azizi is truly lost - courtesy Lim Sian See

YB Mohd. Ariff Sabri Aziz DAP's Raub MP

DAP's MP for Raub YB Mohd. Ariff Sabri Aziz is truly lost!

Mohd Ariff listed out DAP’s contributions towards flood relief: where more than RM1.5 million had come from the DAP-led Penang state government and RM800,000 collected from thousands of DAP members and supporters, in contrast to the MCA’s contributions which were raised from five or six tycoons.

Are you crazy or what, YB Ariff?

RM800k is from contributions from Rakyat (DAP itself only gave RM10k). So rakyat money is also DAP money?

The RM1.5million is also the Rakyat's money from the Penang state govt.

How can you even praise DAP for using Penang state money and letting DAP take credit for it?

Unless of course you are saying that Penang Rakyat money is DAP money?

So, if DAP wins Federal govt, it means the entire Malaysia's treasury will also be DAP money?
Is this what you mean, YB Ariff?

Datum Jelatek who is telling the truth? - Courtesy Lim Sian See

Firstly, I would like to condemn in the strongest term possible the anti-Chinese sentiments in the Datum Jelatek protests yesterday.

Such protests should never be about race and it should never turn violent and there should not be any warning of bloodshed.

However, someone is not telling the truth here.

Today, Selangor PKNS released a press statement that a total of 1,097 potential bumiputra buyers have shown their interest, exceeding their expectations on the project and said that all 674 units of controversial Datum Jelatek condominiums have been registered to bumiputra buyers.


Great. Problem solved. All Bumiputra buyers - even for the most expensive units at RM8.3 million each.

However, further digging revealed that ERA focus division, a Singapore real-estate company was engaged in 2012 to sell the units to investors to international investors and buyers. This is confirmed in a scan copy of Berita Harian on Datumcorp's own website here: http://datumcorp.com.my/wp-content/files_mf/13944548368.pdf

And here too: http://themalaysianreserve.com/new/story/datum-jelatek-%E2%80%94-iconic-urban-regeneration-heart-kl

In fact, in 2012, PKNS GM Othman Omar was quoted in an article in The Edge that said the en-bloc sale of two of the four towers of Datum Jelatek to investors is evidence of the success of the project.
this article is proudly displayed in Datumcorp's own website here: http://datumcorp.com.my/wp-content/files_mf/13944448001.pdf

This is also confirmed in Era's website here which proudly states "ERA FOCUS Division is the International Exclusive Agent for "Datum Jelatek" KL" :http://datumjelatek.webs.com/project-details
And Multiple photographs of one of the sales event of Datum Jelatek in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is proudly featured on Era's FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set

But Azmin Ali in a ceramah in 2013 clearly denied that there were any en-bloc sales and that this is all Fitnah UMNO-BN, PERKASA, NGO etc: https://www.youtube.com/watch It appears, pure greed is at the root of this controversy.

Selangor Govt only spent a total of RM65.3 million to compensate all 206 original owners of the low-cost flats that were damaged. They offered RM300k to 192 flat owners and RM550k to 14 shop owners and also offered to purchase units in PKNS's project in Antara Gapi, Rawang!

However, land nearby Datum Jelatek which includes this agriculture land is asking for RM163 million for 3.935 acres. (Datum Jelatek is nearer to KLCC and is bigger at 5.8 acres)

So, who is telling the truth?

As there were almost 1,000 protesters there yesterday, it is unlikely that this was a staged political event (which Azmin Ali suggested) but it appears to be genuine anger at PKNS and Selangor govt for excessive profiteering and for outright lying.