Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wind of Change for ICT Governance in UiTM - We Move Forward !

The ICT governance in UiTM will face new era when Dato' Prof. Madya Dr. Ir. Mohd. Salleh Md. Noh the Asst. Vice Chancellor appoint as Chief Information Officer (CIO) effected April 2010.

In my opinion, we shall accept change. Business leaders who treat change like the enemy will fail at their jobs. Change is the one constant, and successful ICT director must be able to read the ever-changing business environment. Act on reality quickly! Those who truly face reality can’t stop there. They must adapt their business strategies to reflect that reality, and they must do so quickly. Turn your business around. Stick your head in the sand, says Welch, and you will fail. Face reality, and you may turn a bad situation into a great one.

Change, before it’s too late!