Monday, August 2, 2010

Cyber threats to national security

Cybersecurity has increasingly become a national security priority over the past decade, according to a report by CACI and the U. S. Naval Institute (USNI). Cyber threats may be perpetrated with little cost and few resources. Cyber attacks are typically anonymous, launched from any of billions of sources worldwide. Impacts may be immediate and obvious, or elude recognition for years.

U.S. supply chains have historically been protected from threat because they were generally internal to North America, the report adds. This is no longer true in the cyber age. The vast majority of U.S. supply chains rely on information technologies that can be compromised at any time.

Global partners and worldwide connectivity increase the risk. The responsibility to protect U.S. cyber assets must be shared among the government, the private sector, and every private citizen.

CACI Chairman of the Board Dr. J.P. (Jack) London said, "The CACI-USNI report, Cyber Threats to National Security: Countering Challenges to the Global Supply Chain, captures the thinking of today’s leaders and experts in national security. It recommends strongly that the U.S. aggressively pursue supply chain security as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity policy."

USNI CEO Major General Tom Wilkerson said: "The recent WikiLeaks controversy should serve as a flare that warns us of how vulnerable we are to cyber threats. When a low-level analyst can easily access thousands of classified documents and instantly make them available to an international audience, it shows that our security is disturbingly inadequate. We must be diligent in identifying where and how we are susceptible to all types of cyber attacks and prevent more intrusions."

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Data Center Stocks: Intel's Light Peak Optical Interconnect - Coming technology

By Lisa Huff

Intel (INTC) made a big splash at its developer's forum in September 2009 by introducing its Light Peak technology. Light Peak uses a new controller chip with LOMF (Laser Optimized Multimode Fiber) and a 10G 850nm VCSEL-based module with a new optical interface connector, which has yet to be determined. It is aimed at replacing all of your external connectors on your PC including USB, IEEE 1394, HDMI, DP, PCIe, etc. It is also targeted at other consumer electronic devices like smart phones and MP3 players.

Intel designed both the controller chip and the optical module, but will only supply the chip. It is working with a couple of top optical component manufacturers on the modules—Avago (AVGO) and TDK. The semiconductor giant expects to ship its first products this year, but would not say who its initial customers will be. It did tell me that it has "received general support from the PC makers" and both SONY and Nokia have gone on record publicly supporting Light Peak. Both companies are willing to entertain a new standard centered on the Light Peak technology. These labors are expected to pay off with formal standardization starting this year.

According to Intel, Light Peak is expected to start shipping this year with several PC manufacturers evaluating it. Next year is anticipated to be a transitional year and by 2012, we should start seeing Light Peak commercially available on PCs. While I would never bet against Intel, this is quite an aggressive schedule. Even USB took longer than that to be adopted and it was a copper solution that was easily implemented by consumers. However, it sure would be nice to have just one connector for my PC!

While Intel says it has targeted this technology at consumers, with its 10G data rate and 100-meter optical reach, it could easily be extended to LAN and/or data center applications.

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MaraDNS 1.4.04 Released

Last update:1 August 2010
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MaraDNS is a package that implements the Domain Name Service (DNS), an essential internet service.

MaraDNS is intended for environments where a DNS server must be secure and where the server must use the absolute minimum number of resources possible.

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Inisiatif VOGUE cegah gejala sosial: Rosnah

SHAH ALAM – Program Voluntary Group for Everyone (Vogue) anjuran Pergerakan Puteri UMNO dilihat dapat menghindari remaja wanita daripada terjebak dengan aktiviti tidak sihat seperti kes pembuangan bayi.

Ketuanya, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rasyid Shirlin berkata, usaha Puteri melancarkan VOGUE adalah menepis dakwaan masyarakat mengatakan golongan muda terutama anak-anak gadis tidak berminat dengan kerja-kerja sukarela.

“Program VOGUE ini dapat mendekatkan golongan muda supaya sama-sama menyertai aktiviti berfaedah, segar dan terkini yang mampu menarik minat golongan ini menyertainya sekaligus dapat menghindarkan mereka dari gejala sosial.

“Bukan mudah menarik minat golongan muda untuk menyertai aktiviti sukarelawan kerana pengaruh rakan sebaya, tarikan dunia hiburan dan kesibukan dalam kerjaya menjauhkan mereka dari cenderung untuk membuat kerja-kerja amal,” katanya dalam Majlis Pelancaran Vogue Sukarelawan oleh Timbalan Presiden UMNO, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin di sini, semalam.

Rosnah berkata, Vogue dijangka dapat memberi satu tarikan kepada orang ramai bukan sahaja bentuk dan aktivitinya malah mewujudkan rasa teruja, seronok dan terkini untuk melibatkan diri secara langsung melalui pengajaran, kemahiran dan kenegaraan.

Konsep Vogue yang digerakkan dan disertai oleh golongan muda kepada orang muda diharap dapat menghindarkan mereka dari gejala yang tidak bermoral.

Sementara itu, Muhyiddin berkata, beliau yakin inisiatif Puteri UMNO menggerakkan kerja amal menerusi skuad sukarelawannya tidak akan mengambil masa lama untuk mengubah persepsi rakyat terhadap parti itu dan Barisan Nasional (BN).

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