Friday, January 30, 2015

Rafizi Ramli is a lying YB who is now playing race politics to stay relevant.

Rafizi Ramli is a lying YB who is now playing race politics to stay relevant. 

Over the past weeks, he has falsely accused Govt of blaming Chinese traders for not reducing price of goods and in essence Rafizi had victimized and put the blame on Chinese traders.

And yesterday, he has misleadingly said that "Syarikat hartanah besar dari China membeli tanah bernilai berbilion dari Iskandar, milik kerajaan Malaysia." and saying why is govt selling land to the Chinese from China.

This is an utter lie! The land that the Chinese company bought for RM2.4 billion is from Iskandar Waterfront City Bhd - a owned by a local Malaysian Chinese.

Yes, a private company China bought from private company controlled by a Malaysian Chinese - not govt.

Just because the company's name has Iskandar in it doesn't mean it is controlled by govt, okay?

The local Chinese tycoon owned all these land because he reclaimed the land or bought it cheap during the depths of the Asian financial crisis in 1997 when he assumed RM 200 million debt in state investment agency Kumpulan Praserana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) and received land reclamation rights in exchange.

Other than reclaiming the land, the Chinese tycoon also bought some of the land for RM1.5 – RM 3 a square foot in 1997 - at a time of deep recession (caused by your KETUM) when nobody wanted those land and at a full NINE years before the Iskandar project was launched in 2006.

Enough lah, Rafizi, please stop misleading the people and please stop playing race politics.

Rafizi is probably trying to compare this land sale in Johor to the Datum Jelatek controversy but fails on several levels.

1) the Johor land is owned by a private company controlled by private Malaysian Chinese. The Datum Jelatek land is owned by the Selangor state govt.
2) No one was evicted from the Johor land (in fact it wasn't even land before it was reclaimed). In Datum Jelatek, the Selangor state govt, paid Rm60m to compensate the evicted residents for land worth at least RM200 million
3) In the Johor land deal, the Chinese tycoon and govt did not lie. In the Datum Jelatek project, the Selangor State govt is lying to say 100% of buyers are local bumiputra when it was clear that two out of the four towers were already sold enbloc to investors and the remaining units were marketed internationally in Singapore.

The Datum Jelatek project protests is due to residents anger towards being lied to by the Selangor govt:

This RM2.4b land deal was sold to a Chinese company by a local Malaysian Chinese. And even if it was sold by the Fed Govt (not in this case) to the Chinese company, so what? As least Fed Govt won't evict poor Malay people at undervalued prices and lie that all the units were sold to bumiputras when clearly it was not..