Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MP for Raub YB Mohd. Ariff Sabri Azizi is truly lost - courtesy Lim Sian See

YB Mohd. Ariff Sabri Aziz DAP's Raub MP

DAP's MP for Raub YB Mohd. Ariff Sabri Aziz is truly lost!

Mohd Ariff listed out DAP’s contributions towards flood relief: where more than RM1.5 million had come from the DAP-led Penang state government and RM800,000 collected from thousands of DAP members and supporters, in contrast to the MCA’s contributions which were raised from five or six tycoons.

Are you crazy or what, YB Ariff?

RM800k is from contributions from Rakyat (DAP itself only gave RM10k). So rakyat money is also DAP money?

The RM1.5million is also the Rakyat's money from the Penang state govt.

How can you even praise DAP for using Penang state money and letting DAP take credit for it?

Unless of course you are saying that Penang Rakyat money is DAP money?

So, if DAP wins Federal govt, it means the entire Malaysia's treasury will also be DAP money?
Is this what you mean, YB Ariff?

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