Thursday, January 29, 2015

MIC News today (29/1/2015) - Courtesy Lim Sian See

- deputy president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam and vice-president Datuk M. Saravanan received a death threat from an anonymous caller at the start of the event.
- While waiting for the press conference to start, Saravanan answered a call, in which the caller threatened to shoot him and Subramaniam. Saravanan put the call on loudspeaker to all including the media and the person making the threat could be heard speaking in Bahasa Malaysia.
- In response, Saravanan said: "Mari MIC hq boleh jumpa saya dan tembak saya" (Come to the MIC headquarters, you can meet me and shoot me").
-In the changes to state party chiefs by Palanivel, Saravanan was replaced as Federal Territory State Liaison Committee chairman. Saravanan is also the deputy minister of youth and sports.
- Earlier today, a commotion erupted outside the party headquarters as a group of about 15 men, described as "gangsters" by those affected, blocked the entrance into the building.
- They looked like "bouncers" and were barring MIC youth staff and members from entering the building, The men looked Malay and Indian, and claimed that they had been engaged by Datuk Kumar Aaman, the party's disputed secretary-general whose appointment was made by Palanivel.
- Another youth council member, M. Saravanan, said the men told him that he could only enter the building if he paid them money. They told me Kumar Aaman gave me money, if you give me the same amount, I will let you enter,"
Palanivel, please resign and call for fresh elections.

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