Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is there any truth that Tong Kooi Ong was Anwar Ibrahim Proxy?

Dato Murad was the former BNM assistant governor and many years ago, had made a sworn testimony via a statutory declaration that Tong Kooi Ong was a Anwar Ibrahim proxy/crony.

Tong Kooi Ong currently owns The Edge group which controls The Edge newspapers, Malaysia Insider, and a major shareholder of BFM radio.

These media he controlled have been publishing excessively publishing news that are very unfavourable and speculative doom and gloom news about the Malaysian economy, so has the Pakatan politicians who have continually said Malaysia is in crisis and will crash like 1997-1998 despite every single financial analysts, the World Bank and IMF saying that Malaysia will have at least 4% GDP growth in 2015.

Tong Kooi Ong was a former banker and is now fighting allegations that he is involved in a conspiracy to crash the Ringgit Malaysia with billion-dollar currency speculation.

Is there any truth to this?

Dato Murad's statutory declaration:

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