Friday, March 16, 2012

About Unit Kerjasama Awam dan Swasta (UKAS) Prime Minister Office.

Initially form as a part of Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Prime Minister Department due to increasing need for closer public-private relationship in developing the economy of the country, new unit named Unit Kerjasama Awam dan Swasta(UKAS) was created on 22nd. April 2009.

UKAS consist of 17 section 1) Corporate Advisors 2) PPP Policy & Corridor Development 3) Project Monitoring & Secretariat 4) Corporate Communication 5) PPP Fund 6) Security, Housing, Local Government & Land Development 7) Infrastructure Section 8) Health, Science & Technology and Services Industry 9) Education, Energy & Utility 10) Technical 11) Corporate Services & ICT 12) Legal Section 13) Highway & Town Services 14) Integriti 15) Excellent Centre 17) Corporate Technical Advisor.

UKAS act as the central agency for planning and coordinating privatisation and PFI/PPP program in Malaysia. The main function of UKAS act as secretarial for PPP project, facilitate the funding for PPP/PFI project, monitoring them, negotiation for terms, condition and costing of the project and act as secretarial for government corridor project i.e ECER, IM, SCORE, SDC and NCER.

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