Sunday, October 16, 2011

8 Steps to Increasing Your Motivation -

What is this thing we call motivation? What is it we mean when we say we can’t get motivated? There are many different definitions of the word ‘motivation’, but to most people it can simply be defined as that something which propels us to take continued action towards a specific goal.

There are 8 important steps to creating motivation, all of which are necessary if motivation is to be achieved and sustained:

1. Motive (incentive, cause, stimulus, reason)
Motive can be seen as the first step in motivation. It is the original incentive behind the idea of considering a new goal.

2. Value – Importance, significance, interest
Value reflects how much importance we place on the goal itself. It is the prompter to proceed - helping us to go beyond the idea, and seriously consider how the results would affect our lives.

3. Commitment - intention, conviction, promise, decision
Commitment is the point at which we declare our intention to take action. It is our promise to begin the journey towards our goal.

4. Focus - purpose, objective, goal, direction, planning
Focus keeps our objective in constant sight. It strengthens our chances of success by providing purpose and direction to our actions.

5. Belief - faith, confidence, positive thinking, certainty
Belief gives us the faith that our goals can and will be reached. It gives us confidence in ourselves and keeps us thinking positively about the outcome.

6. Self-discipline - dedication, determination, willpower, tenacity, perseverance
Self-discipline provides us with the determination needed to stay on track. It keeps us going no matter what obstacles arise. It ensures that our goals are honoured everyday with appropriate action.

7. Enthusiasm - desire, passion, fire, excitement, eagerness
Enthusiasm gives passion to our focus. It turns our desire into a fire that is not easily extinguished.

8. Progress – acknowledgement, encouragement, reward
Progress makes the journey towards our goal more pleasurable. By acknowledging our progress along the way we maintain our enthusiasm and momentum.

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