Monday, November 9, 2009

One username, one password, One patient, one record, One Hardware Platform, Single common database.- Solve Integration Issues

Sistem aplikasi pengurusan maklumat pesakit yang dibangunkan untuk Fakulti Perubatan UiTM bakal menjadi benchmarking kepada perkhidmatan pusat kesihatan negara. Konsep satu pengguna satu katakunci memudahkan pengguna menggunakan aplikasi THIS. Konsep satu pesakit, satu rekod pula bertujuan untuk mempercepatkan carian maklumat pesakit disamping ia dapat mengelakan kecelaruan data dan rekod pesakit berlaku. Semua aplikasi THIS akan menggunakan UiTMedicalNet sebagai one single platform seperti lebuhraya untuk menghubungkan Kampus Selayang dan Kampus Sg. Buluh menggunakan single common database.


Mohd Nasry said...

It is very interesting to read your various articles from your blog. In particular, I like this one.

Clear vision and clear strategic direction shall not have limitations minded obstacles while you are putting your thoughts. From you simple statement "One username, one pasword, one patient, one record, one hardware platform, single common database- solve Integration Issues" already clearly describes where you are heading. It need not be lengthy, becaus simplicity diriven approach always produce results driven by outcomes.

I hope you continue to write, maybe perhaps, we share our thoughts more often.

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Ahmad Rais Johari said...

Thanks You for your comment brother Nasry.