Saturday, December 14, 2013

Site Meeting Report Format


A. A Pre‑construction Conference will be held at the site at a time to be designated by Owner.

B. Representatives of Contractor, including project superinten­dent, foreman, and all subcontractors, shall meet with Owner or his appointed representative.

1.02 AGENDA:

A. As a minimum, the following items will be on meeting agenda:

1. Designation of all personnel.
2. Communication.
3. Construction Schedule.
4. Critical work sequencing and deck repair procedures.
5. Existing facilities and maintenance of operation.
6. Submittals procedures.
7. Project record documents procedures.
8. Processing Field and Change Orders.


A. Attendance:
1. Owner (Representative, if desired by Owner).
2. Consultant and On-site Inspector.
3. Contractor (Manager, Superintendent, and Foreman).
4. Subcontractors.
5. Material Suppliers (if required).

B. Sign-in list for all attending, including names, title, phone number, and company.

C. Contract Review:

1. Execution.
2. Insurance certificates.
3. Bid review.
4. Schedule of values and progress payment processing.
5. Notice to proceed and start date.
6. Bond and permit requirements.
7. Project communications and problem resolution.
8. Change order and additional work order processing.

D. Job Site Conditions and Requirements:
1. Services (temporary):
a) Water.
b) Power.
c) Sanitary facilities.
d) Parking areas.
e) Telephone access.
f) Review each of the above as to who shall furnish each, restrictions, and scheduling.

2. Site Access and Restrictions:
a) Set-up areas, material storage, and handling.
b) Protection of buildings, grounds, and building interior.

3. Working Area and Preparation:
a) Review work flow and schedule.
b) Preparation work by other trades.
c) Protection of existing roof and deck.

E. Technical Sections:

1. Review submittals.
2. Function of on-site inspector and other on site personnel.
3. Material storage methods.
4. Roof drainage conditions.
5. Coordination of work with other trades; and Owner.
6. Testing.
7. System review.
8. Manufacturer inspections:
a) Inspection scheduled.
b) Final inspection and issuance of warranty.

F. Safety and Security - Review Contractor responsibilities, and establish Owner monitoring procedures.

G. Summary and Questions

H. Exchange phone numbers, business cards, and emergency and daily contacts.

I. Issue record of meeting minutes to all attendees.


A. Attendance:
1. Owner (Representative, if desired by Owner).
2. Consultant.
3. Contractor (Manager, Superintendent, and Foreman).
4. Subcontractors.

B. Sign-in list for all attending, including names, titles, phone numbers, and company name.

C. Project Review:

1. Problem resolution.
2. Project communication.
3. Change order and/or additional work.
4. Review projected work flow and schedule against work completed to date.
5. Progress payment processing.

D. Job Site Conditions:
1. Review set-up area, material storage, and handling.
2. Review work to date against schedule.
3. Review work by other trades.
4. Review quality of work to-date with Contractor and Manufacturer.

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