Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shocking New Revelations by Edward Snowden

Just a few short days ago, it came out that Edward Snowden once again shocked the American people when he confirmed that the National Security Agency — our NSA — co-created the Stuxnet Virus with Israel to topple Iran’s nuclear program. Just a week before that, Snowden blew our minds with the additional admission that those free discount cards you get at stores aren’t just there to save you a little money, but they are actually being used to collect customer data and spy on you! Is nothing sacred?! While government crimes are widespread, systematic and seemingly continuous at this point…and the NSA and other agencies have clearly violated American citizens’ rights…it’s perhaps even more shameful that so many people are still oblivious to the enormity of this tyranny when it’s been all but rubbed in our faces – repeatedly. Also, if you’ve been paying attention for longer than five minutes, what did Snowden really tell you that didn’t already know?

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