Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Huawei AR G3 Series Enterprise Routers GbE and 10GbE Forwarding and IPsec Throughput Evaluation

Today Tolly (, the leading global provider of hands-on IT research, published a Huawei AR G3 Series Routers Forwarding and IPsec Performance Evaluation.        

Huawei Technologies commissioned Tolly to evaluate the forwarding/throughput performance of several models of its AR G3 series of enterprise routers.

The Bottom Line:  
  1. The AR2201-48FE and AR2202-48FE routers were capable of forwarding 1,986 Mbps using 1500-byte packets
  2. AR3260 with SRU100's forwarding rate was up to 10,000 Mbps using 1500-byte packets
  3. AR3260 with SRU200's forwarding rate was up to 20,000 Mbps using 1500-byte packets
  4. AR3260 with SRU400's forwarding rate was up to 40,000 Mbps using 1500-byte packets  

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