Saturday, November 3, 2012

Definition of Project


A  Project is a one-shot, time limited, goal directed, major undertaking, requiring the commitment of varied skills and resources.  It has also been described a s a combination of human and non human resources pooled together in a temporary organization to achieve a specific purpose. The purpose and the set of activities which can achieve that purpose distinguish one project form another.

-Project Management Institute, U.S,A

             ‘’We mean by a project any scheme, or part of sachem, for investing resources which can reasonably be analyzed and evaluated as an independent unit. The definition is thus arbitrary. Almost any project could be broken down into parts for separate consideration; each of these parts would then by definition a project”.

- I.M.D. Little and J.A. Mirrless.  

“A specific activity with a specific starting point and a specific ending point intended to accomplish a specific objective. It is something you draw a boundary around at least a conceptual boundary and say this is the Project”.
-J. Price Gettinger.

“Compilation of data which will enable an appraisal to be made of the economic advantages and disadvantages attendant upon the allocation of country’s resources to the production of specific goods and services.”

-United Nations.

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