Thursday, November 22, 2012


Every capital project manager must be able to perform the following tasks

1. Keep the projects moving.
Delays cost money and don’t add value to the project.

2. Maintain status of change orders. (i.e. funding, estimates, time)
Keep pressure on contractor and designer to act promptly.
Obtain funds in a timely manner

3. Negotiate change orders and write recommendation letters.
Document reasonableness of changes (both price and time extensions).

4. Document contract actions such as directions to contractors or clarifications for designers.
Verbal directions must always be confirmed in writing.

5. Authorize field changes not to exceed $xxx (dollar limit set by your boss)
Document your action.

6. Review the following submittals:
Plans and specifications – review for accuracy and possible changes.
Monthly invoices – review for acceptance after designer certifies.
Progress schedules – review for owner actions and update progress.
Schedule of values – review for accuracy and no front end loading.
Shop drawings, samples – review for compliance with owner’s requirements.
Safety and Quality Control plans – review for critical items.

7. Coordinate activities of customer; contractors; designers via:
Preconstruction conference
Daily contacts with field supervisors
Project status meetings (changes pending, submittals, RFI, action pending, schedule status)
Project completion and turnover (punch list completion, ensure compliance with contract requirements for training, warrantee, record drawings, etc.).

8. Routinely inspect jobs for safety and quality.
Look for potential accidents affecting off site personnel.
Look for compliance with change order work.

9. Notify the boss of situations involving:
Utility outages
Construction quality deficiencies
Potential change orders involving time or money
Situations involving reprimand or censure
Any controversial matters (crime, arguments)

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