Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Open Source Software: Why Use Them?


Open source software (OSS) is available in source code form. The source code and copyright of the OSS are provided under the software license, which allows their users to study, modify, improve, customize and distribute those software and applications. Till 1998, 'open source software' was known as 'free software', and it was renamed to dispel the ambiguity associated with the name 'free software'.

Needless to say, open source domain in the IT industry is a treasure trove of web applications and software. Magento, Joomla, osCommerce, Typo3, Drupal, SugarCRM, WordPress, etc. are some open source ecommerce web applications, while Linux, Apache Server, Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, TurboCash, and Open Office, besides Pain.net, Audacity, etc. are open source software and programs that are available free of cost.

Open source ecommerce web applications are well-suited to meet all the desired business needs and operational requirements. Customization of different business needs and their implementation are possible at low spending. On the other hand, Linux is an operating system available free of cost as the Apache Server, which works on Unix Systems added to Netware, Windows and other platforms and runs as an HTTP server. All these open source software and applications are obtainable without giving a penny. Most interestingly, they have all those functionalities that programmers and computer users look for.

Computer users and programmers are aware of the benefits that they can derive from using these open source software and web applications. For example, Linux is used as operating system while Apache Server for running HTTP server; Thunderbird used for email purposes; Mozilla Firefox as Internet browser; TurboCash for handling business accounting needs; Open Office for handling word processing, spreadsheet, slideshow and database needs; Paint.net for working with photos; Audacity for editing video and sound; and ecommerce open source web applications are used for customizing and implementing desired business needs and operational requirements.

The benefits of using open source software and web applications are better understood if the benefits of some ecommerce OSS and web applications are discussed.

Magento: This ecommerce shopping cart solution is used to create user-friendly features for websites. Magento has several versions. Among those versions, Community, Professional and Enterprise versions are popular among programmers. With using Magento OSS, programmers can create websites with multi store facilities that can be managed from one location in admin panel, with SEO friendly features, and with integrating major payment gateways. In addition to them, programmers can integrate third-party tools in accordance with API (Application Programming Interface).

Joomla: Joomla is a PHP-based (Server-side programming language used for creating dynamic web pages and services) Content Management System used for creating websites with complex web applications. This open source software and web application helps to manage site navigation and Meta contents, edit HTML, besides helping to create centralized CMS with different assigned users.

Drupal: Drupal is a content management system used for building dynamic websites with a wide array of features. From developing personal portals to developing enterprise websites, this open source software and web application is one of the most sought-after applications for programmers, web publishers, web developers, and also for SEO experts. This has become popular because of its flexible architecture. There are hordes of advantages available with Drupal CMS; for example, facility to categorize content through taxonomy system, facility to clean URL through apache 'mod_rewrite', and its use of top-notch CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript ensures speedier websites, among others.

WordPress: WordPress is an OSS script that is extensively used for building nice-looking websites and is perfect for creating blogs. Backed by PHP and MySQL, WordPress is customizable with hundreds of easy-to-tweak themes and plug-ins. For its user-friendly features and optimum flexibility, it is quite popular among common users and expert programmers.

Irrespective of which kind of software you may need, chances are out there you can avail of some free, open source software and applications that will easily fulfill your needs. With devoting a bit of time for searching and downloading such software, you will be well on your way with having lost 'not-a-single-penny'.

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