Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Managing Service Performance ( Key Performance Indicator) - PFI

Transfer the responsibility of financing and managing capital investment services of government space, assets, and inventory to the private sector including the
  • construction,
  • management,
  • maintenance,
  • refurbishment and replacement of government assets and inventory
in return for lease charges that
  • commensurate with the level, quality and timeliness of service provision
as well as an amount sufficient to ensure returns on investment
  • where the asset and facilities will be transferred to the government at the expiry of the concession period
Question to be asks.....
  • What KPI parameter to be monitor and measure? Down time, Up Time,
  • What is the fundamental of KPI? Energy consumption, communication Efficiency
  • What tool to be used for measuring performance? FMS.
The parameters to be monitor and measure.
  • construction - development progress,project management
  • management - coordinating with end user.
  • maintenance - inventory, assets and space.
  • refurbishment and replacement of government assets and inventory according to schedule

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