Monday, May 16, 2011

The Golden Rules of Data Cabling

Listing here the golden rules of data cabling. If your cabling is not designed and installed properly, you will have problems that you can’t even imagine.

  1. Networks never get smaller or less complicated.
  2. Build one cabling system that will accommodate voice and data.
  3. Always install more cabling than you currently require. Those extra outlets will come in handy someday.
  4. Use structured-cabling standards when building a new cabling system. Avoid anything proprietary!
  5. Quality counts! Use high-quality cabling and cabling components. Cabling is the foundation of your network; if the cabling fails, nothing else will matter. For a given grade or category of cabling, you’ll see a range of pricing, but the highest prices don’t necessarily mean the highest quality. Buy based on the manufacturer’s reputation and proven performance, not the price.
  6. Don’t scrimp on installation costs. Even quality components and cable must be installed correctly; poor workmanship has trashed more than one cabling installation.
  7. Plan for higher speed technologies than are commonly available today. Just because 1000Base-T Ethernet seems unnecessary today does not mean it won’t be a requirement in five years.
  8. Documentation, although dull, is a necessary evil that should be taken care of while you’re setting up the cabling system. If you wait, more pressing concerns may cause you to ignore it.

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