Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tasks and Responsibilities for Project Managers

  • Get all key players on the project team.
  • Manage task interfaces.
  • Assure clear identification of task completion.
  • Assure communication of task completion.
  • Manage responsibility interfaces.
  • Question blurry responsibilities.
  • Clarify delegation levels.
  • Balance the needs of project, client, organization.
  • Identify stakeholders and their definition of project success.
  • Balance project objectives with other objectives.
  • Act as a catalyst, and when necessary, a devil’s advocate.
  • Promote effective communication and wide participation in decision making.
  • Manage conflicts. Conflict and aggressiveness are necessary elements in an adhocracy.
  • Management’s job is to channel them toward productive ends.
  • Bring conflicts to an early resolution. Do not sweep them under the rug. They won’t go away.

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