Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Borderless Applications: The Disruption Stops HERE! : Performance Matters

Application outages and performance glitches plague our daily lives. As applications become more collaborative and are accessed globally, businesses will need to ensure they are well-equipped to manage user performance and eliminate outages in order to compete. Understanding application performance and user experience for these types of transactions is critical. Today, applications have a direct impact on company revenues, customer satisfaction and brand perception. However, being able to manage the business application’s performance has become a difficult task for IT operations, due to:
  • increasingly complex and distributed application architectures
  • application usage that spans globally
  • an explosion in the types of devices and browsers.
In order for businesses to thrive and increase market share, they need to be innovative, use cutting-edge technology and market themselves in sophisticated ways. How can critical business applications be managed without increasing budgets and hiring more people? IT operations play an enormous role in ensuring business success. IT is the “mother ship” for managing the day-to-day business operations. It plays a pivotal role in helping the business change to meet the demands of today’s users.

IT managers and their business counterparts need to differentiate themselves from the competition without adding resources, and even producing more with less. Three questions come to mind when seeking solutions to achieve business transformation, competitive differentiation and growth in revenue:

  • How does IT align itself to meet business needs?
  • How can IT capitalize on what’s already in place and innovate without adding cost or overhead?
  • How will IT meet customer application performance expectations, maximizing revenue opportunities while safeguarding the corporate brand?

The impact on the business can be great if IT is ill-equipped to ensure performance meets user demands. If we look back in time to see how IT and business owners have operated, we can see how drastically people, process and technology have changed and where they are headed in the future.

As the business delivers new revenue-generating applications to its customers, IT is looking to optimize cost and increase efficiencies through the adoption of new process, new technologies and new tools. Furthermore, ensuring high performance for newly adopted technologies becomes a “must,” due to the threat of competition and loss of revenue. End-to-end application performance management becomes critical to both IT and business counterparts, with the need to track, measure, identify and fix issues prior to users feeling the effects of poor performance. End-to-end visibility must be achieved no matter where the application resides: external, internal or cloud-based.

Therefore, the critical driver for ensuring that performance meets user demands is the ability to manage the application across the entire application delivery chain anywhere around the globe. An end-to-end application performance management solution that can easily extend to managing new technologies provides a foundation for IT and business counterparts to collaborate and address performance issues quickly and meet business demands. This blog posting is the first of 3 blogs to follow that provides insight into the shift in application performance management by IT operations in three key areas:

1. Application architectures

2. Zone of responsibility

3. Customer expectations

In addition, the series of blogs will provide insight into how best to ensure applications spanning across all boundaries of enterprise and the Internet can successfully be monitored and managed to meet the needs of the business.

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