Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The IT Department Functions - Becoming Increasingly Important!

I thinks in my opinion the IT department has several responsibilities such as:

(a) Ensuring that an IT Plan and strategy have been developed for the university and that the plan and strategy are kept current as the university evolves.

(b) Working with university to acquire or develop and implement needed new applications

(c) Provide day-to-day support of users: for example, fixing broken PC,fixing broken network connectivity, responding to questions about applications use,training new users etc.

(d) Managing the IT infrastructures ( performing backup of databases, installing network connections etc).

(e) Examining the role and relevance of emerging information technologies.

Within these 5 responsibilities , there are several sub-function

(i) Data center management - make sure the data center up-time 99.98% per year

(ii) Network management - make sure the connectivity of the network up-time 99.98% per year

(iii) Server management - manage server inside data center in top condition

(iv) Database management - manage database integrity and reliability

(v) Security - active directory, firewall, audit trail,ssh-vpn ,

(vi) Help desk - Support user all the time

(vii) Deployment - install new workstation, printers, new network point, wireless etc.

(viii) Training - train new user to use the application installed etc.

Once all of these function and sub function fulfilled, then then only the IT department will gain the credibility and respect from users.

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