Friday, February 26, 2010

Problem With Network In Fakulti Perubatan Sg. Buluh CTC,IMMB and RC - Internet very slow ! can u fix it ASAP!

One of the challenges of being a ICT Project Manager for this project is the "internet is slow, can you fix it" phone call. Generally, the network is blamed first, but there are many layers that all need to be examined - desktop, network, server, storage, database, active directory, internet service provider etc. For example, a complaint about email slowness can be caused by a lot of factors.

After do some research and analysis on the network configuration i found out 2 factors contribute to the problem "internet is slow, can you fix it". (a) The network configuration configure by CCNP from datacraft configured without proper planning (b) The juniper router configure by Mesiniaga configured without understanding over all scenario of UiTMNet environment.

Since this project still under defect liability period so I'll conduct special meeting to revolve this problems as soon as possible.

The general approach i will used cover three domains. Begin by identifying and defining the problems from a user perspective. This helped to identify issues related to system performance versus non-technical issues that amplified the technical issues and affected user perception of performance, e.g. training, improper usage of the application.

I'll used multiple subject matter experts to focus on the different domains to ensure they had the in-depth knowledge to evaluate each of them.

The three investigation domains and key focus areas within each domain is:

End User Observation & Interviews
Client device performance analysis
Device configuration & Log review
Device specification analysis per application vendor recommendations

WAN link utilization
Device performance analysis
Device configuration & Log review
Packet Loss & Latency analysis
Traffic Analysis

Server and Storage performance analysis
Device configuration & Log review
Service and Process performance analysis
Device specification analysis per application vendor recommendations

The findings from the assessment did not identify a "magic bullet" issue that caused performance issues, but instead identified multiple smaller issues that combined to impact system performance.

In my experience of troubleshooting complex IT systems, I've found that the comprehensive approach outlined above works very well. Hope to see the result soon...

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