Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweden’s Largest Hospital Targets Improved Patient Care With Cisco Technology

Gartner Data Center Summit, Amsterdam, and Stockholm, Sweden, November 30, 2005 – Cisco Systems today announced that Karolinska University Hospital - Sweden’s largest - is deploying a Cisco Medical-Grade Network solution to help improve healthcare services delivered to patients and streamline IT management. Karolinska, in Stockholm, expects realise significant savings by using Cisco technology to help hospital doctors and home-based medical specialists share patient information quickly and with a high degree of security, making diagnosis and treatment faster and more efficient.

The project is the first step by the hospital toward a Cisco Data Center Network Architecture as it aims to consolidate four data centers – resulting from the merger of two hospitals in Stockholm– into two data centers, one of which will be used for business continuity. Cisco storage area network (SAN) technology will help the hospital manage huge amounts of data more efficiently. The Cisco eRadiology solution using the storage area network is expected to enable 100Gigabytes of data a week, from the radiology department alone, to be stored and easily accessed for several months instead of days before being archived.

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