Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knowledge and Perception of the Staff of Pandan Hospital Regarding Total Hospital Information System

Pandan Hospital was the third hospital using Total Hospital Information System (THIS) in Malaysia after Selayang and Putrajaya Hospital. This 704 bedded hospital is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Johor Bahru City, It will be the first hospital in the southern using THIS.

THIS is designed to automate the care delivery process in hospital through the process of integrated clinical, imaging, financial and administrative system. A study of knowledge and perception regarding THIS among the staff posted to Pandan Hospital was held.

The objective of the study is to determine the knowledge and perception of the staff of Pandan Hospital regarding THIS. A total of 131 respondents with 55.7% of the respondents were staff nurse. Less than 50% of the respondents requested to work in this hospital.

Among those who requested, almost 60% said that they were interested with IT hospital. Almost 90% of the respondents had minimal computer knowledge and 96. % was very interested or interested with Information Technology (IT). Most of the respondents had superficial knowledge about THIS by saying that THIS was about computer and linkage, IT and paperless hospital.

The perceptions toward THIS were good, where 58% said it was a better, systematic and quality system, 16% said modern and advance and 5.3% said that the system had both good and bad effect. Majority of the respondent said that THIS would benefit to both patients and staff.

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